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Domain Name Registration

The registeration of your domain name(s) is crucial to the success of your site. As web awareness grows, more and more people are visiting sites by directly typing in the site address.

For this reason it is important to register a good name as your website address, and possibly other addresses to link to the same site.

As examples you could choose;

  • ourcompany.co.uk
  • ourcompany.com
  • ourcompany.ltd.uk
  • our_company.co.uk
  • our.company.co.uk

you might also consider;

  • productname.com
  • productline.com
  • names_associated_with_you.com

The idea is to make your site as accessible as possible to your existing, and potential, clients. The name is like your telephone number, only much more indentifiable with your business. Once the site is created, you will be adding your website address to all your stationery, advertising, brochures, business cards, vehicles etc.

If your clients want to find you on the internet, this is the best way. Therefore, your website address must be easy to remember and related to your organisation.

I offer very competitive pricing for domain name registration and will be able to advise you on the names available.

UK Domain Names:

( co.uk, ltd.uk, plc.uk, org.uk)

inc. registry fees £15.00. Valid for 2 years.

International Domain Names:

(.com, .org, .net)

inc. registry fees £35.00. Valid for 2 years.