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Once your site has been designed, it must be loaded onto a computer that is permanantly connected to the Internet. It is, of course, vital that the computer is powerful, reliable and has high-speed resilient communication links. We offer a complete hosting solution with competitive pricing and superior technology, features and reliability.

We offer three different hosting packages. They are tailored to standard business needs and are described below. We also create custom solutions according to your requirements.

Our hosting servers are high quality reliable platforms for your website, technical details are listed at the bottom of the page.

Our hosting services

E-mail only (Domain Parking)

This service is appropriate for those who have registered a domain name but have not yet linked it to a website. We can provide up to three email addresses from the domain for you to access directly, or which can be forwarded to another email address.

The annual rental for this service is £24 ex vat.


This service is aimed at businesses which have a very simple site of one or two pages. These sites are limited to 0.1M, use only simple html and offer a one or two e-mail addresses.

The annual rental for this service is £60 ex vat.

Business Site

This is our standard offering, and appropriate to most businesses who wish to use the internet.

The annual rental for this service is £120 ex vat.

Custom Solutions

These are specified on an individual basis according to the needs of our clients and can include dual or dedicated servers, co-location and control panels. Please contact us for further details.

Additional facilities

A wide variety of services are available as add-ons to your hosting package. These include;

  • statistics packages to collect information on your visitors
  • a wide range of e-mail options
  • SSL secure servers for e-commerce

Please see below for further details

Technical details

We use Windows 2003 Servers to provide the fastest and most resilient service possible for your website and 2003 Exchange Servers to provide the best service for your e-mail. Linux Red Hat Enterprise Servers are also available if required. Our data centre is configured to give your website and email the ultimate reliability. Connected directly to the UK internet backbone, via multiple carrier-grade providers, the data centre benefits from:

  • IIS6, the latest version of the reliable Microsoft web server software
  • gigabit ethernet
  • fully Cisco-qualified engineers
  • on-site power generation and fully redundant PSUs
  • multiple phyisical internet connections
  • fault tolerant links between switches
  • redundant routing engines
  • multiple firewalls
  • multiple traffic shaping appliances
  • fault-tolerant, centralised data storage
  • Cisco routers
  • Dell server hardware
  • intrusion detection and prevention
  • gas-based fire suppression systems
  • 24/7 monitoring and guarding.

We have brought the best technology and staff together, to give our customers reliable, innovative hosted services. Our temperature controlled, secure data centre houses thousands of Windows and Linux servers, connected via multiple providers to 600Mbs of internet bandwidth.

The Internet connectivity is provided by two companies, Telewest and Cable & Wireless, reducing risk to you, in the unlikely event that either should experience network problems. The physical links are routed separately into the building for extra reliability. what's more, our bandwidth can burst up to more than 1GB/s instantly at the flick of a switch, ensuring a constant premium service.

Full control of our data centre and network connections is ensured, 24/7, by our team of highly skilled Network Operations Centre engineers. Our unique monitoring system enables us to pre-empt problems, before they become a concern for our customers.

Pricing details for additional services



Annual Cost
(before VAT)

Website Statistics

Probably our most essential add-on to help you make the most of your website. These provide graphical and numerical breakdowns of a wide range of information and can be specified over different periods (a day, two weeks, three months etc). The information ranges from refering search engine, through keywords and phrases to geographical location of visitiors.

Click here for an overview of the service with screen prints of some graphics.
Click here for full details of the information that can be obtained.


Load Balancing

your site will be housed on multiple web-servers. Requests for your site will automatically be load balanced between these servers, ensuring maximum performance.




By default asp is not enabled on our sites, it reduces the performance of a site which does not require it. If your site does require it, it can be enabled without charge.

NB FrontPage Extensions and ASP are mutually exclusive.


No Charge


Choose ASP.NET if your site requires unrestricted access to the .NET Framework Version 1.1.

NB FrontPage Extensions and ASP are mutually exclusive.



FrontPage Extensions

allow you to use Microsoft FrontPage® to develop your website.

NB FrontPage Extensions and ASP are mutually exclusive.



Server-side Database Options

Windows MS SQL 150M database

Windows MS SQL 300M database

ODBC, MySQL are also supported





Other prices on application

High Function Email Address

Extra storage space, Spam and virus protection

all messages sent directly to the mailbox or forwarder will be protected.



SMS Alerts

your mailboxes or forwarders to alert you via an SMS message when new mail is waiting. Price is per mailbox. These can be sent on receipt of all messages or just messages with a specified criteria.


£20 + your phone provider will charge you 25p per alert.

Extra storage space

Standard POP3 mailboxes have a limit of 20M and/or 500 messages and can accept individual messages up to 5M. You can increase the storage capacity of the domain as a whole in increments of 100M and then share this between your mailboxes.


£25 / 100M