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If I was choosing someone to create an impression of my business that the whole world could see, I would want to see some of the work they had already done. That is the purpose of this page.

Royal Leaders Center

An extensive site promoting an excellent language & management training facility based in Provence, France

Border Shipping

This is a nice two page site for a company which provides international removals and storage services.

Academic Lettings

This is a multi-layered site offering high class accommodation, initially it appears quite small, but once you go into each property there are a great deal of information and images.

Lamdex Computers Ltd

A site which required some javascript custom-written to achieve the client's specific requirements.

Westcote Design

A site that is straight-forward in design, but which is very extensive in that it contains printer-friendly datasheets on the entire product range.

Ariel Bruce Associates

Another nice clear site.

Stephen Wood Research

A Military researcher offering curatorial services

Elite Tours

A fairly extensive site for a company offering exclusive tours and travel incorporating scottish castles and historic houses, hunting, shooting and fishing in Scotland and tours to India.

Cotswold Carriers

A relatively small site, four pages, promoting a long established family-run removals firm, with most of the pages designed to fit comfortably on the screen.

Jamais Seuls

A small site, four pages, promoting a french company based in Marseille offering home support, and my first site in french

Serguei des Terre de la Rairie

A multi-lingual site about an international award winning Great Dane.