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The first measure of any site's success is in attracting people to it.

This page deals with a variety of information to help you to bring people to your site, please feel free to read the whole page, or follow the links below to the specific areas that interest you. In addition to the techniques suggested, I can help you to promote your site on the internet in a variety of other ways, according to your requirements, please contact me for details.

An important part of any marketing is to access it's effectiveness. The statistics package which can be provided with the hosting gives you with all the information necessary to guage the activity on your site.

There are essentially three ways in which web users will find your site;

  1. As a result of a search for your organisation or the types of products or services that you offer. This is done using the various search engines or directories that exist on the internet. We design your site in such a way that the search engines will find you, and as a part of the service we give your site address to ten of the top search engines. We will also provide you with advice for exploiting the potential of the directories. If you wish we can manage this aspect of site promotion for you. Click here for more details
  2. By following a link your address from another site. You will probably have the best idea of the types of sites that your potential clients might visit, and the popularity of reciprocal arrangements, where you each provide a link to the others site from your own, is gaining ground as web awareness grows
  3. By typing your address directly into their browser. There are two issues here, one is the importance of registering a website address which is both memorable and appropriate, and the second is how you put that address, and therefore your site, in front of people.

How to promote your own site

As internet awareness and use grows, more and more people will visit your site by typing your address directly into their browser. So, how do you put your address in front of your potential and existing clients? There are many things that you can do to maximise the potential of your site;

  • register a name, or variety of names, that will help people to recognise your address
  • include your new web site address in all your advertising, yellow pages and other publications in which you are mentioned, radio and TV if appropriate
  • include the address in all new runs of stationery, brochures, letterheads, invoices etc. As an interim measure have sticky labels printed to afix to existing stationery
  • alternatively you could actually give people a copy of your whole site, and perhaps include other items using some of the media shown below

In addition I can supply promotional items which include your site address. I can provide you with pens, bubble badges, mousemats and other inexpensive items that you can distribute to your clients.

CD replication

This is always a firm favorite whether it be for software or for a promotional give away with a copy of your site on it.



Each credit card sized edisc can be printed with photo realistic images. The recordable 40Mb format can hold a comprehensive multimedia brochure, a full motion digital video and your web site

Available in quantities of as little as 10 off.


Want something that has sheer head turning impact?

Try shaped ediscs. They can be made in almost any shape you want.

"The edisc is the business card of the future" Daily Mail Aug' 99


Search Engine Submission

Here is a list of addresses for the submission of your site to relevant Search Engines and Directories. It is limited to those organisations to which you can add you site for free, so, for example, you will not find Microsoft Network on here. Many of them offer a paid service, and the free url submission is placed less obviously at the bottom of the page. It's also worthwhile checking or unchecking the boxes about them sending you "useful" information, or passing your details onto third parties for them to do so.

It will probably take you the best part of four hours to go through all of them, I can do it a little quicker than that, simply because we have done it a few times before. If you would like me to submit your site, there is a fee of £100 and you will need to provide me with the details that the directories will require. I would stress that, for this service, I do not use a batch submission tool, I manually visit each engine or directory and input your details.

If you know of any relevant search engines or directories that I have missed off, please let me know, so that all of my business partners can benefit.

With the search engines you will normally just have to give your URL and perhaps an email address for queries.

The directories have individual requirements which may mean "drilling down" to a catagory appropriate to you and supplying details about the services you offer.

Search Engines

Altavista UK Lycos / Hotbot UK Excite UK
Altavista US Lycos / Hotbot US Excite US
Searchengine.com UK All the Web Google
Search Engines Like Us See Search UK Searchking
Mirago UK Index


Scoot Yahoo UK & Ireland BBC Online
The Gloucestershire Portal UK Planet Everyday UK
Great British Pages Oxfinder Oxon Virtual Business Centre
Askalix Splut

Search Engine Optimisation

The sites that I create are designed to be found by the search engines, and, as 90% of pages visited for the first time on the web are found via search engines, this is very important. In addition to this standard service, I can offer a bespoke service of optimising your site for specific search engines, to increase it's ranking in the lists. This comes from my specialised knowledge of how search engines search, and how to code your site, so you are among the first to appear.

Global / Multi-lingual Promotion

As the internet grows in popularity and use, a variety of areas are becoming specialised, and web site promotion is one of those areas. I provide an excellent promotion service which is sufficient for most of my clients. In addition I have formed a partnership with an american company who specialise in website promotion and, through them, I can;

  • arrange for your site to be translated into many languages,
  • be listed in the search engines and directories of the countries appropriate to those languages,
  • and have you listing optimized so that it appears high up in the search engine listing.